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Al-Wardeh Al-Shamieh Sweets

Ja'far Ben Abi Taleb, Marka, Amman, Jordan

AL-Wardeh AL-Shamieh exports its sweets products to U.S.A,
Europe and Arab Gulf Countries to become a global trade name 
in the in the field of confectionery.

Bagajati Sweets

Yajouz, Jbaiha, Amman, Jordan

The history of Bagajati Sweets goes back to the early 1900s in Syria.

The family business was handed down over multiple generations and

ultimately moved to Amman... Read More 

Ibrahim Al-Qadi Sweets

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, University St., Amman, Jordan

Habibah - Al-Haj Mahmoud Habibah & Sons Co.

Madina Munawara St., Amman, Jordan

The story began in Jerusalem in the year 1947 when Al-Haj Mahmoud Habibah

 chose to work in the field of sweets industry. He came from Nablus & started

his job at a small Kunafa shop at Bab Al-Khalil. In the year 1948... Read More

chocolate cookies dessert knafeh


Taj Mall, Abdoun, Amman, Jordan

 Best Knafeh and Oriental Desert & Beverages in Town